Wednesday, October 28, 2020

As Long As I Can See The Light


oil on 1 1 /2" deep gallery wrapped stretched canvas

I was listening to the #tinydeskconcert with John Fogerty when I sketched out this painting at the beginning of lockdown.  A must see if you are a CCR fan like me.  I love his song by the same title.  

I got away from working on it because of other work that came in.  I finally got around to painting it last week, just as I'm about to come out of quarantine to attend my first market since March!  This one will be with me at First Saturday Art Market in the Heights, Houston on November 7th.  Come on out to see me if you're in the area!

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Friday, October 23, 2020

Just Put On A Happy Face



oil on stretched canvas

Working with all of this color is like therapy for my soul right now.  This painting just  forces me to smile!  At this size, it summons smiles from across the house :)  This will be at First Saturday Art Market in the Heights, Houston in November.  Come out and see me if you're in the neighborhood!

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Swimsuit Optional



oil on linen panel

Poolside :)

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Barbecue Optional



6x6, oil on canvas panel

I could just eat this watermelon for dinner!

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oil on linen panel

Summer 2020, a bit off balance.  Here's to a much improved and healthier 2021!

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Juicy Couture



8x10, oil on linen panel

Designer seedless watermelon.  When I worked as a designer, I used to travel from New York to LA to shop for vintage clothes inspiration.  We would go to The Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena.  In all of the fancy shops, Juicy Couture was all the rage and it was the first time I had seen their line.  Then Madonna started wearing the famous velour track suit and their name was everywhere.  I love these engineered watermelon though!  The tiny, personal size watermelon are the juiciest, and with no seeds- for our convenience.  

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Bayside Sunset


oil on gessoboard panel

Our friends have a house in Galveston that faces the bay side.  They invited my family for the day and we watched this glorious sunset before heading back home.  We really get the most beautiful sunsets here in Texas, and clouds for miles.

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Cool It


10x10,  oil on stretched canvas

Calming colors needed! This was a turn off the news kind of day. The tulips in my still life were red and I changed them to purple. I liked the harmony the purple created with the blues and greens. Ahhhhhhh.....

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